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2024 Summer Ram Sale

13th Summer Ram Sale Monday 15th JANUARY 2024 On property at "CHROME", 6132 Dartmoor-Hamilton Rd, Hamilton, Vic Google Maps Plus Code: 6VHJ+578 Yulecart, Victoria Coordinates: -37.77209750498471, 141.88069489854706 and Online with AuctionsPlus Link to Chrome Online Sale - available in December Selling system will be pick of pen of 4 Inspection at 9:30 AM Sale Commences at 11:30 AM Lunch provided ...

2023 Sale Reports

12th Summer Ram Sale 16th Jan 2023 SALE BREAKDOWN Breed Offered Sold Average Top Chromedales 106 106 $1,875 $2,800 Perendales 20 20 $1,375 $1,500 Coopworths 27 22 $1,655 $2,500 ELFs 16 2 $700 $700 ICON Southies 74 37 $1,122 $2,400 ICON Poll Dorsets 27 27 $996 $1,500 ICON 25s 28 25 $1,024 $2,200 Totals 298 261 $1,248 The top priced ram ...
Auctions Plus

Chrome Genetics Ewe Sale on AuctionsPlus

CHROME GENETICS MATERNAL COMPOSITE EWE SALE "Proven, Profitable Genetics" On AuctionsPlus in the Tuesday National Sheep Sale 2pm Tuesday 12th Dec 2023 Chrome and Chrome Clients will be offering Chrome blood ewes in the Chrome Genetics Ewe Sale. CHROME SHEEP STUDS Acc: Chrome Sheep Studs 82 x July Drop Chromedale Ewe Lambs, Av 44kg, Dec shorn 387 x 2022 Drop ...

2022 Sale Reports

14th Spring Ram Sale 6th Oct 2022 SALE BREAKDOWN BREED OFFERED SOLD AV TOP Chromedale 270 264 $2,193 $4,200 ELFs 46 35 $1,148 $1,500 Perendale 48 25 $972 $1,600 Coopworth 39 39 $2,205 $3,000 ICON Southies 99 99 $1,441 $2,400 ICON 25s 19 19 $1,552 $2,000 Poll Dorsets 92 72 $1,074 $1,800 Totals 613 553 $1,770 Top priced rams was to ...
Chrome Sheep Studs

Chrome Maternals

Chromedale | Perendale | Coopworth

Our Chrome Maternals offer producers the ability to introduce a range of desirable maternal traits such as good mothering & excellent fertility into flocks through proven breed sires tailored to individual requirements.

Chrome Terminals

ICON Southie | ICON Poll Dorsets

Our Chrome Terminals bring together the superior prime lamb traits of long, thick bodies, high muscle EBVs, structural soundness and rapid early growth with finishing ability in performance recorded sires.

Chrome Sheep Studs

We openly invite you to come and inspect our genetics by giving us a call to arrange a time.

Why Choose Chrome?

  • Chrome Sheep Studs Experience


    We have been breeding sheep for the commercial prime lamb producer for more than 15 years.

  • Chrome Genetics

    Investing in Top Genetics

    We undertake major embryo transfer programs across all breeds, ensuring production and genetic improvements in the quality of genetics we supply.

  • Chrome Sheep Studs are Commercially Focussed

    Commercially Focussed

    We keep our studs commercially orientated, selecting sheep on recorded breeding values, raw measured data and visual assessment. Bred for their ease of care and management, hardiness and doing ability, all maternal ewes, once over 2yo are predominately run as a ‘no drench’ flock in large contemporary groups to ensure they can perform in typical commercial farming situations.

  • Chrome Genetics

    After Sale Service

    Chrome supports their clients to ensure the selection of ram meets the clients commercial goals through offering assistance in setting up production targets, annual ram and flock classing, ram guarantee and assistance in marketing surplus breeding ewes.

Lambplan ASBV
Brucellosis Free
National Johnes Program MN1 V

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