Chrome Coopworth Sheep Genetics

'Productive Maternal Meat Sheep'

The Coopworth breed makes up the backbone of many self-replacing ewe flocks in Southern Australia and for very good reason. The breed has superior mothering ability, fertility, hardiness and their doing ability and softness is particularly suitable to wet environments.

Chrome Coopworth rams are based on the Chrome Sheep studs’ original flock of Clifton Hill stud ewes. Clifton Hill was one of the first Coopworth stud flocks in Australia. That solid base has been developed with the introduction of premium New Zealand genetics over the past 10 years.

Chrome Coopworth rams continue to be used in higher rainfall area self-replacing flocks and over merino ewes to produce superior 1st x ewes for lamb production.

This breeding has helped the Chrome Coopworth sires become excellent examples of the breed, influencing clients’ flocks with those strong desirable maternal traits:

  • Tough & Hardy

    Suitable for high rainfall environments.

  • High Fertility Ewes

    Able to rear multiples to marketable weights

  • Outstand Mothers

    All ewes are scored for their mothering ability when lambs are tagged at birth - ewes not meeting this standard are classed out of the flock.

  • Producing a maximum of lambs weaned per kilogram of ewe mated