Chrome Pererndale Reserve ram

'Productive Maternal Meat Sheep'

Chrome Perendale rams are a sire for lamb producers looking to moderate frame, reduce leg and accelerate early maturity. As sucker lambs, Chrome Perendale lambs have good early growth rates balanced with strong conformation and hardiness – breed traits highly valued in the breed’s traditional home, the highlands of New Zealand.

With the lamb industry continuing to select high growth animals, mature ewe body weights will continue to increase, possibly resulting in inefficient conversion of grass to meat. 

The Perendale sheep are a compact, nuggetty animal with flinty black hooves and noses. They are extremely hardy and worm tolerant. Their wool has good colour and crimp and is a little finer than traditional Coopworth types.

To date, the Chrome Perendale flock is the only Lambplan performance recorded Perendale flock in Australia. This gives buyers the ability to select sires with the support of performance data.

Chrome Perendale Sheep Genetics