The Chromedale Maternals are the sheep that put Chrome Sheep Studs on the map when they were developed back in 2004.



Chrome Perendale rams are a sire for lamb producers looking to moderate frame, reduce leg and accelerate early maturity.

Chrome Coopworth Sheep Genetics


The Coopworth breed makes up the backbone of many self-replacing ewe flocks in Southern Australia and for a very good reason.

Breeding Aims

  • Structurally Correct

    - with good sound feet, legs and pasterns.

  • Tough & Hardy

    - animals suited to the high rainfall zones of Southern Australia.

  • Maximise Genetic Gain

    - through stringent visual selection aided by recording on Lambplan.

  • High Fertility

    Stud ewes must twin regularly to maintain their position in the stud.

  • Good Mothering Ability

    All ewes are scored for their mothering ability when the lambs are tagged at birth.

  • Footrot Tolerant

    - by using DNA analysis to identify superior sires.

  • Dag Free

    Sheep are challenged on farm and daggy sheep culled

  • To Breed a Type

    Every ewe is individually assigned to a sire at classing to maintain a type.

  • Worm Resistant

    We have successfully established a no drench stud ewe flock for ewes over 2yo.

  • Maximum Kilos

    - of lambs weaned per kilo of ewe mated.

  • Frame Size

    Maintain a moderate adult frame size.