Our After Sales Service

Chrome Sheep Studs Sale News

Chrome Sheep Studs' support extends beyond the auction.

With a deep commitment to the prime lamb industry, Matt and Tanya are dedicated to collaborating with clients to ensure their ram selection aligns with their commercial objectives.

Additional client support offered by Chrome Sheep Studs includes:

  • Assistance

    in setting up production targets

  • Annual Ram Selection & Flock Classing

    • Assistance in setting breeding objectives/direction
    • Assistance in ram selection
    • General Flock Ewe Classing
    • General sheep management consultancy

  • Ram Delivery

    to most parts of south eastern Australia including Tasmania

  • Free Ram

    with every multiple of 6 purchased at the Chrome on-property sales

  • Open Day

    to inspect the on-property sale rams in a convenient display with lot numbers clearly visible

  • Guaranteed

    our rams are guaranteed for the first 12 months against any physical defects and inability to work successfully

  • Marketing

    assistance of surplus breeding ewes and replacement ewe lambs

  • Client Newsletters

    covering industry issues