About Us

Chrome Sheep Studs Staff

Chrome Sheep Studs

Run by Matthew and Tanya Tonissen and staff, located just South West of Hamilton on Dartmoor - Hamilton Road. The property is on basalt soils in 700mm rainfall country.

Our stud ewe base consists of:

  • 700 Mixed Aged Poll Dorset & Southie ewes
  • 1400 Mixed Aged Chromedale, Perendale & Coopworth ewes
  • PLUS approx. 1000 mated ewe lambs across all breeds

To back our stud, we have a commercial flock of around 1500 Chromedale/Perendale ewes for Prime Lamb production.

Chrome Sheep Studs - Performance Recorded

Our measurements include, but are not limited to;

  • Birth Weight

  • Birth Type e.g. single/twin

  • Rear Type

  • Weaning Type

  • Muscle Depth

  • Fat Cover

  • Adult weight to limit alt ewe frame score

  • Temperament

  • Lambing Ease

  • Gestation Length - short GL is generally associated with lighter birth weight and improved lambing ease

  • WEC

  • Dag Score

  • Extensive AI & ET programs to maximise our genetic progress

  • Full Pedigrees on all Stud animals

  • Fully Lambplan recorded

  • Annual visual assessment of all Stud ewes