ICON 25s

ICON 25 221605 crop

For producers seeking the added benefit of hybrid vigor in their terminal sires, the ICON 25 is an ideal choice.  As their name suggests, these rams are predominately composed of 25% Southdown and 75% Poll Dorset genetics.

The ICON 25 combines the best traits from both breeds: the high growth rates, length and loin muscle of the ICON Poll Dorset, and the deep, thick bodies, tight downsy skins, and early maturing features of the Southdown.   The resulting lambs resembling Poll Dorsets, exhibit improved vigor at birth, and are easy lambing, which contributes to higher survival rates and ultimately more lambs reaching the market.

Moreover, these rams demonstrate improved longevity compared to other purebred sires on the market, reducing the number of new rams required each year.