Chromedale® ELFs

Chromedale ELFs

Rams for 'Early Lambing Flocks'

Right from the beginning we have concentrated on breeding lines of maternal sheep with black noses and feet here at Chrome. One of the issues our early lambing clients would have run into, would have been seasonal breeding, which aligns itself with all the black nosed and footed sheep in varying degrees.

Our mainstream Chromedale sheep are better joined from mid-January on for the reason outlines above.

Previous to now our earlier lambing clients have generally come from a ewe base that already have some pink nose genetics in them, mostly Merino crosses, White Suffolk etc.

Whilst 2 to 3 crosses of our Chromedales have worked fine to date we could potentially see them running into trouble, so we introduced some “early lambing” genetics to a run of our mainstream Chromedale ewes a few years ago to cater for the needs of these producers, presenting Chromedale ELFs (rams for Early Lambing Flocks).

Some of the benefits include:

  • More focus on carcase traits

  • Faster growth rates

  • Tighter, slightly finer skins

  • Ability to be joined pre-Christmas