Chromedale® ELFs

Chromedale ELFs

Rams for 'Early Lambing Flocks'

Since our establishment, Chrome has emphasized breeding maternal sheep with black noses and feet, which aligns with seasonal breeding to varying degrees. Our mainstream Chromedale sheep are ideally joined from mid-January onwards, reflecting the seasonal breeding patterns of black-nosed and footed sheep.

Previously, our early lambing clients primarily used ewes with some pink nose genetics, often Merino crosses or White Suffolks. While crossing these ewes with our Chromedales has generally been successful, after a number of crosses we anticipated potential issues and introduced “early lambing” genetics into a subset of our primary Chromedale ewes several years ago to cater to these producers’ specific needs.

Some of the benefits include:

  • More focus on carcase traits

  • Faster growth rates

  • Tighter, slightly finer skins

  • Ability to be joined pre-Christmas