ICON Poll Dorset

ICON Poll Dorset

ICON Poll Dorset rams offer the specialist prime lamb producer many advantages in their production systems.

ICON 25 221605 crop

ICON 25s

For producers seeking the added benefit of hybrid vigor in their terminal sires, the ICON 25 is an ideal choice. As their name suggests, these rams are predominately composed of 25% Southdown and 75% Poll Dorset genetics.

ICON Southie

ICON Southie

The ICON Southie is a breed developed by Chrome Sheep Studs specifically for the prime lamb market in Southern Australia.

Breeding Aims

The ICON prefix differentiates the terminal sires from the maternal sires within the Chrome studs, but also signifies the place which Chrome see the breeds - icons of the prime lamb industry. Both Icon Poll Dorset and Icon Southie breeds are the subject of stringent visual appraisal and selection, in conjunction with Lambplan performance recorded breeding figures to ensure a quality animal.

  • Less 'leg' than traditional terminal sires

  • Extra hindquarter and loin muscling

  • Rapid early growth

  • Easy finishing ability

  • Long thick bodies with clean faces

  • Easy lambing sires

  • More fat cover

As more producers build their maternal ewe numbers to somewhere near where they want them to be, demand for Chrome Sheep Studs terminal sire lines have been on the increase.