Chromedale Reserve Ram

'Productive Maternal Meat Sheep'

The Chromedale Maternals have been pivotal in establishing Chrome Sheep Studs’ reputation since their inception in 2004. The breed was developed by individually selecting ewes with an emphasis on fertility and type.


Coopworth, Perendale, Poll Dorset and other composite maternal genetics from leading studs in New Zealand and Australia, as well as “Chrome” sires, were incorporated in the breeding of these sheep. In recent years the majority of sires used are of our own breeding.

The Chromedale maternal line brings together a number of commercially orientated traits:

  • Improved Growth Rates

  • Potential for an earlier Lambing

  • Easy Lambing

  • Improved Milking Abillity

  • Hybrid Vigour

  • Higher Value Wether Lambs

The Chromedale is the sheep for all seasons.

Sheep are carefully selected on type and are bred to ensure maximum production is maintained all year round, both in hot summers and cold, wet winters.


Chromedale rams produce a thick-bodied medium-framed ewe that has both good maternal attributes and carcass, with predominately black noses and feet. Chromedale wool is much denser and springier than the Coopworth/Romney types, with lambs less likely to “run to wool”. Wether lambs blend through the terminal cross lambs when selling over the hooks and have comparable carcass weight and shape.


The ewes particularly suit those producers wanting to lamb in the late Autumn-early winter months of May/June.