·         STRUCTURALLY CORRECT  with good sound feet, legs and pasterns.

·         TOUGH and HARDY animals suited to the high rainfall zones of Southern Australia

·         MAXIMIZE GENETIC GAIN through stringent visual selection aided by recording on Lambplan.

·         HIGH FERTILITY - Stud ewes must twin regulary to maintain their position in the stud

·         GOOD MOTHERING ABILITY - all ewes are scored  for their mothering ability when the lambs are tagged at birth.

·         FOOTROT TOLERANT by using DNA analysis to identify superior sires.

·         DAG FREE - sheep are challenged on farm and daggy sheep culled.

·         TO BREED A TYPE  every stud ewe is individually assigned to a sire at classing  to maintain a type. 

·         WORM RESISTANT  - we have successfully established a no drench stud ewe flock for ewes over 2yo

·         MAXIMUM KILOS of lambs weaned per kilo of ewe mated.

·         Maintain a moderate adult FRAME SIZE.


Chrome Coopworth ewe lambs

Stud Coopworth ewe lambs carrying at 13 months of age


Chromedale ewe with twins

Chromedale ewe with twins

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