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ICON Southie®

The ICON Southie is a breed developed by Chrome Sheep Studs specifically for the prime lamb market in Southern Australia.

The breed was developed by Matt Tonissen when he saw the Australian lamb industry needing a fast growing, very early maturing lamb. Matt saw the opening for commercial producers to target well finished light trade weight lambs for markets such as the Middle East. With most lambs not carrying enough fat, carcass shape or muscle to kill at these lighter weights, he used the hybrid vigour of cross-breeding to produce a sire that would.

The use of Southdown rams over a selection of ICON Poll Dorset stud ewes enabled Chrome to produce a line of rams that will produce an earlier maturing lamb. 

At marking, these lambs were already showing lots of early maturity and fat at this early age.

Other early benefits appear to be solid constitution, tough black feet and tighter, sappier skins.  These rams are very suitable for ewe lamb joinings, as well as mature age ewes.

ICON Southie Ram Lambs

ICON Southie Ram Lambs at 6 months

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